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Clover Desserts - a bakery passionate for perfection serving treats at local farmer’s market

About Us


Clover Desserts began selling at markets in November 2018, but we have been a dream/idea in the making for much longer. We believe that dessert is a luxury that people choose to indulge in. As such, we strive to make our desserts look as stunning as we can so you can feel extra special while you indulge. We are strong believers in the “Treat Yo Self” way of life.

Below are a few things we would like to be known about ourselves/our food…

  • Who are you?

    • My name is Courtney and with the help of my husband Michael, we run Clover. I was a graduate of Johnson & Wales and never left the state. I have spent the years since graduating working is Boston/Cambridge and wanted to bring a more refined dessert experience to the the state I have grown to love as my home. Click here to see some examples of my previous work. I make all the food that you see from scratch and we are always the ones selling to you at the markets. Food is my favorite thing, aside from our dogs, because animals are truly the best.

  • Where are you located?

    • We do not have a brick and mortar location (yet!). We work out of shared commercial kitchen space in Tiverton, RI. You can find us at farmers markets and pop ups where we sell our goods out of a cart we built ourselves. We will let you know where we will be every so often if you sign up for our mailing list or check our calendar here.

  • Are you related to the Clover in Boston?

    • Nope. We are RI based and the full name of our business is Clover Desserts LLC.

  • Those look like jewelry/art/beautiful. They are too pretty to eat.

    • First of all, thanks! We really try to make our desserts look as perfect as can be, but with that in mind, we also are making these desserts with flavor/texture/overall experience in mind. We love that people think our items look stunning, but we really love it if you give one of our products a try. It is food after all. As they say, looks don’t last forever (food goes bad, so eat it up while you can folks).

  • Are these items vegan/gluten free/ etc?

    • We currently have no vegan options available. We are working on it, but haven’t approved of our test items enough to pass them along to you yet.

    • As for gluten free, we occasionally make gluten free items for our markets, but these items are not produced in a gluten free facility.

  • Do you do special orders/weddings/baby showers/etc?

  • Do you have a set menu?

    • We don’t. We are new and like to switch it up a bit. We work off of the seasons and what is available locally if possible. If you have had something at a market previously and want that item again, we will do the best to recreate it for you. We are also working on moving towards a monthly menu to keep it a bit more consistent.